We Are One Enterprises Pvt Ltd

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call 022- 49195555 | mail
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About Us

In the name of our company We Are One Enterprises Pvt Ltd, "WE ARE ONE" represents our fundamental belief in conducting our enterprise business. To distinguish "We are one" let me first share what it does not mean or should not be mistaken as. We are one does not mean we all are one and we don’t have any difference of opinion neither it mean that we all are one like caste & creed.

"WE ARE ONE" means that Me, You (the person who is reading this) and all living on this planet are ONE.

I am not separate from you, nor you are separate from me. A drop of an ocean and ocean is one. Every drop of an ocean is ocean and ocean cannot exist without drops.

While doing and conducting business we believe the same. On the court this belief is translated by believing that every customer, supplier, service provider, team are ONE though they look separate as the role they are playing is separate and they act differently because of the commitment they have to fulfill. However all are ONE, which brings on table open, honest and fair way of doing business naturally.

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