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Block Joining Mortar

Block Joining Mortar

Block Joining Mortar

Block joining mortar is a semi premix high quality mortar for jointing and bonding of AAC blocks, concrete blocks , hollow blocks, clay bricks and fly ash bricks mortar semi premix consists of cement, graded sand specialized polymers which combine to give superior strength , water retention and stability. It replaces the conventional method and material of jointing mortar which requires a 12-18 mm thickness with a revolutionary 2-3 mm joint thickness. Block Joining Mortar only requires additions of water before applications to prepare the product for use reducing the hassle of measuring and maintaining various individual elements to create a conventional mortar.


Six month in the originally sealed packaging and with recommended storage Conditions.


  • Dry premixed powder
  • Quick drying & rapid setting
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Better water retention properties
  • Water –curing is not required after application
  • No ranking of joints required before plastering


Saving is upto 50%.


Higher productivity:

fast setting Block Joining Mortar allows continuous laying and takes less time than conventional mortar combined with good workability and spread of material

Increase speed of construction:

only 24 hours required before next stage like plastering coating etc

quick setting properties:

The quick setting properties of the Block Joining Mortar eliminate any restriction on the height of walls that can be built in a day

Improved flow /spread:

Block Joining Mortar provides improved flow /spread under trowel workability water retention and open time shrinkage reduction and improved bond to substrate through proprietary additives in the formulation

Less storage:

Less storage upto 80% less Block Joining Mortar material eliminates the need for bulk sand cement storage on site

More cost effective:

Block Joining Mortar is more cost effective since lesser quantity is used and also lesser wastage

water retention:

Block Joining Mortar provides better water retention properties and is self curing

Seepage and water percolation:

By using Block Joining Mortar seepage and water percolation through joints is negligible.

robust walls :

Block Joining Mortar provides solid robust walls with improved overall construction quality.

better adhesion:

Block Joining Mortar gives better adhesion, more stability and durability.

Improved accuracy:

Block Joining Mortar improves build accuracy of finished walls.

Bond Test Conducted at one of our client's site


  • Block Joining Mortar is available in 40kg bag and has a shelf of 6 months subject to proper storage in a cook and dry place
  • As temperature , humidity and other parameters vary from site to site ,the above information should be treated as general guideline


Coverage of Block Jointing Mortar is approx. 120 to 140 sq ft of block size 600x200x100mm. in 40 kg bag. The coverage area however will depend upon the quality and evenness of the substrate thickness of joint.


Depending upon the substrate and Climate add approx. 10 to 12 liter of water for 40kg bag. For concrete blocks, wet mortar should have less water to form 2 to 3 mm bed of jointing Mortar.


  • In a clean bucket , Mix bed mortar in 25-30% of water for 40kg of bag 10-12 of water is sufficient
  • Mix first for 5-10 miniatures by hand or electrical mixer to mix homogenously ensure for perfect mixing before use for good results
  • Allow mortar to stand for 5 minutes
  • Mix again for 2-3 minutes. Now Thin bed mortar is ready to use
  • Before application clean the surface of blocks using suitable tools like brush so that any foreign material is not held on the blocks
  • Wet the surface of blocks before applying mortar
  • Mortar should be spread on block in such a way to maintain the bond thickens 2-3 mm
  • Do not disturb or move the block after setting of mortar otherwise it will break the bond
  • There is no requirement of curing as mortar is self cured
  • The hard time of mortar is affected by the climatic conditions
  • After complete mixing with water mortar should be used within 30 minutes
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