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Readymix Plaster

Readymix Plaster


Ready mix plaster is manufactured in modern dry mix plant with computerized batch process .Plaster is ready to use by just mixing water at site .This process eliminates job site mixing practice. Hence it gives consistent quality with required sand mesh sizes in exact proportion which is most important for compactness of plaster .Further to have desired workability less rebounding losses required slump properties and overall durability polymers are added in Ready mix plaster.


This product has proportionate quantities of ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade, Grade Sand, fly Ash, Lime and Additive (Fibers , Plasticizers, Water Proofing agent proprietary additives and admixtures for better durability ,added in an automated process according to formulations based on various product studies undertaken . Sand is heated and all impurities like slit and other impure material is removed from sand than sewing process of sand is carried out in which 0.4 to 1mm is 25%, 1 to 2mm is 50% and 2 to 2.5mm is 25% are the particle size combination added in every bag.


Ready mix plaster is the result of extensive product development through in house R & D Department through and tie –ups with various structural consultants. Double gradation of sand is done to ensure better product quality .Ready mix plaster is silt free and provides a homogenous mixture due to the automated process .Stringent Quality Control procedures are followed in every batch and Ready mix plaster has been certified from reputed independent agencies like Strutwel and e-cube. The Company has well equipped labs where various testes like compressive strength test sieve analysis test and water cement ratio test are carried out with samples taken from every 2000 bags.


Saves Cost.

Readymix Plaster has proportionate quantities of Ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade, Graded Sand, Fly Ash, Lime and Additives (Fibers, Plasticizers, Water Proofing agents, Proprietary Additives and admixtures).

Readymix plaster has Mixture Proportion: 1:3.

Initial setting time: 60-90 Minutes. It allows mason to use the dropped material back without adding cement also enable them to take break in between which is not possible in conventional method as setting time is 10-15 minutes.

Readymix Plaster is premixed hence extra usage of cement is controlled (generally mason puts SUKHA cement to speed up out plaster.)

Readymix plaster gives compressive strength, N/mm2: 9 to 12 (in 28 days).

Final Setting time: 8 hours.

Quality control assured as no supervision needed.

Crack development is reduced to practically nil.

Above cost of Ready Mix Plaster includes cost of water proofing material and plasticizer and also ratio is 1:3.

By Using Readymix Plaster reconciliation is easier.

Compact plaster, reduces void gaps

Negligible site content

Reduces rebounding

Excellent workability and good adhesion on various substrate

Paints finish and life of paints are enhanced


Mix 40kg bag of Ready Mix Plaster with 6-7 liter of water. Mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes or as required to get dissolve, depends on the speed of the mixing equipment. When the mixture is prepared, leave it for 5 minutes and mix it once again just before use. If plaster is set &hard, do not add water again since it Will not give good results.

Applying on surface

Ready mix plaster should be applied within one hour if preparation. If the concrete surface is smooth and dense, combing is essential for better binding of the Ready Mix Plaster layer.
Do not expose Ready mix Plaster to direct sunlight, open air and rain during application.

Curing /saturation:

Ready Mix Plaster doesn’t need water spray for first 16 hours . After the plaster us completely dry, curing should be done 2-3 times for 6 to 7 days.

Packaging & Storage:

Ready Mix Plaster is available in 40 kg bad and has a shelf life of 6 moths subject to stored in a cool and dry location property. As temperature, humidity, water addition and other parameters very form site to site the above information should be treated as a general guild line and keep it out of reach of children

Water Demand:

Depending upon substrate & climate add approx. 7 to 8 liter of water per 40 kg bag


Ready Mix Plaster approx. coverage per 40kg bag is as under

  • 10-12mm plaster on light weight blocks is 17-18 sq ft
  • 10-12 mm in brick wall 14-15 sq ft
  • 18mm on light weight blocks is 11 sq ft
  • 25mm on brick wall 7-7.5 sq ft
  • 10 mm on RCC 20-22 sq ft
  • Coverage depends on quality & nature of substrates hence is indication plaster>10-12mm must be in coats.
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